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    A Summer of Unfamiliarities

    If I had to sum up this summer in one word, it’s unfamiliar.
    Some of the new and unfamiliar things I experienced was Seattle, the Emerald City. Here it is in 72 seconds (shameless plug):

    72 Seconds of Seattle in the Summer from Janna Macatangay on Vimeo.

    But the unfamiliar is not limited to new sights and smells. This summer I experienced unfamiliar feelings of leaving behind a chunk of my life that consisted of being an undergrad, which was all too familiar for me, and moving on to become an adult in the real world. For a brief moment, I left behind the familiar comfort of the UCLA community in search of another community, hoping they would be accepting of me as a fresh college graduate. The familiar voices of friends no longer ring as much in my ear and instead have been replaced with unfamiliar new faces of people I will be working with on a daily basis.

    It’s a scary thought of moving from one familiar place to an unfamiliar one. But it is sometimes necessary.

    I think we sometimes tend to shy away from unfamiliarities and overlook the beauty of it all. Yes, the unfamiliar is raw and strange and unknown, but we should embrace the idea that something so unknown can be considered a fresh and brand new start. Growth fosters in unfamiliar environments And that’s why I love the unfamiliarity.

    So here’s to the summer of unfamiliarities, to new faces and places, to a new chapter in my life.