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    A Weekend in Las Vegas

    After 4-5 hours of sitting in the car, the sun sank below the horizon and the nighttime began to fall. Just when I thought it would take even longer to get there, the bright neon city lights appeared, glowing in the dark like beacons. Las Vegas was finally here.

    Last weekend, I went to Vegas for the 23rd birthday of one of my best friends, Andrew Acedo. It had been a year since the last time I went, so I was really excited to finally spend another weekend in Sin City. Here’s a short summary of what we did!

    H O T E L
    Vdara. My friend decided to go big and upgraded our rooms to suites. The room I stayed in was probably one of the biggest rooms I had ever stayed in for a group of 20 people. It was complete with a kitchen, dining table, living room area, master bedroom and two bathrooms.

    D I N I N G
    Fat Tuesday. The classic Fat Tuesday drinks are a must-have when you visit Vegas. My favorite is the Bellini with Strawberry.
    Marilyn’s Cafe at Tuscany. I GO TO THIS PLACE EVERY TIME I’M IN VEGAS. This cafe is honestly a hidden gem in Vegas that not many people know of. If you pop in after midnight you can get their steak and eggs (or as my friends like to call them, “steggs”) FOR ONLY $5.99! They come with hash browns and buttered toast.

    The Buffet. I would only recommend this place if you’re celebrating a special event since it is super pricy at around $40 per person for brunch. You have plenty of options to choose from such as Asian, Latin, Mediterranean, Tandoori and so much more. Although the food is delicious, I felt that I didn’t get my money’s worth since I already felt full after 2 plates.

    Taco Bell Cantina. When you walk into this particular Taco Bell, it’s like you are walking into a club environment since it is complete with neon lights and club music. You can even purchase alcohol on top of their regular menu items. I bought three of their tacos and tried some of their alcoholic Baja Blast, which was really yummy! I definitely recommend this place when you’re feeling the munchies after a night out.

    C L U B B I N G

    Steve Aoki at Hakkasan. Steve Aoki was super hype and constantly threw out free T-Shirts to the audience. The club itself, however, was very small with the amount of people that came and I constantly felt like I was being shoved back and forth as people kept pushing towards the front of the stage. Steve Aoki’s set also went way too long and ended at 3:30AM. My friends and I were still down to get the steak and eggs at Marilyn’s Cafe afterwards though!

    Jaws at Jewel. I personally liked this club and DJ better since the music was easier to sing and dance along too. The crowd also wasn’t as bad as Hakkasan. I danced the night away until 2:00AM when some of my friends and I decided to grab something at the Taco Bell Cantina.

    As the motto for this weekend was, “Chase dreams, not drinks”. If there’s one thing I love about Vegas, it’s that it gives you the opportunity to be bold with the people you’re with. Vegas isn’t Vegas without the people you’re with, and I’m very blessed to have celebrated this birthday trip with some of the funnest, craziest, most down to earth people.

    Thanks for reading! If you want to see more, here is a highlight travel diary video of my trip in Vegas!